2008 EPPIE Winner in Erotic Romantic Suspense! 

The sheriff has the hots for her prime suspect. What’s a girl to do?
As her father did before he was murdered, Sheriff Rilla Devane has sworn to protect and serve. An influx of party drugs has killed two teenagers, but she has a suspect: handsome, rich newcomer Mackenzie Callahan, a published author who is supposedly seeking small-town atmosphere. To build her case, she moves closer to Mackenzie and his dangerous brand of seductive charm. She’ll risk everything for her investigation, even when it means letting her guard down and falling for her suspect.

Mac Callahan lives and breathes for undercover work. But his last mission ended in near disaster, and he has one last chance to prove his value to the DEA. Taking sexy Sheriff Rilla to bed might ruin his career—or lead him to the love of his life.

Too Good to be True is a novel of romantic suspense filled with sheet-blistering passion along with nail-biting suspense. Author Marie-Nicole Ryan adds in a whopping dose of family drama, because that's life--right?

Warning: this title contains the following: lots of sex, a bit of kink, and a touch of violence.

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense
Cover art: Marie-Nicole Ryan
Published March 2007, Samhain Publishing
Re-release June 2014, Ryandale Publishing
eISBN:  9781501404078
Print ISBN: 978-1497423954


Lust at first sight. 
Ex-police Detective Mike Carlton considers bodyguard work a necessary evil--it pays the bills. But he changes his mind as soon as attorney Gwyn waltzes into his office.

A stalker? Yes, he'll guard her all night long if necessary. All he has to do is convince this uptight attorney with a fondness for Italian shoes and a propensity for getting into trouble that he's THE MAN FOR THE JOB...and the man for her.

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Cover art: Marie-Nicole Ryan
Published 2004, Wings ePress
Re-released 2010, Ryandale Publishing
eISBN: 9781501486814
Print ISBN: 9781466397545


Don't believe in reincarnation? Neither did Max nor Nikki until the dreams began.

A chance meeting thrusts Maxim Devereaux, head of an international modeling agency, and runaway Nikki Prentice into a tormented relationship as Maxim transforms Nikki into a super model.

Plagued by obstacles in their tragic past lives, they have one more chance together. But danger lurks when a stalker decides Nikki is the woman of his dreams.

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Cover art: Marie-Nicole Ryan
Published 2003, Wings ePress
Re-released 2010, Ryandale Publishing
ASIN: B0036B958I
eISBN: 9781501464638
Print ISBN: 9780615627267